Junior's Section

We have a vibrant and active junior section at Warwick. Children as young as 4 join us for our weekly training sessions, and can start to participate in mixed tournaments as soon as they are ready and comfortable. Click here for more details on Junior Subscriptions.

We have 4 main junior sides, all of which are mixed; there are also one or two separate boys’ and girls’ tournaments that we enter as well. Note these teams are all based on age as of 1st September, so follow the school year groups:

* U10s (up to Year 5)

* U12s (up to Year 7)

* U14s (up to Year 9)

* Badgers (U16, up to Year 11)

Most of our Juniors (U10, U12, U14) training on a Wednesday evening at Warwick School pitches from 18:30—19:30 throughout the season. We follow the Warwickshire Schools term times for training sessions. If the local schools are in, we'll be training! The only thing which might stop us is frost :). We also run occasional Sunday morning training sessions for the younger age groups.

Badgers (U16) is the step between junior and senior hockey, at which point the sport splits between men and ladies. As a result, many of our Badgers players actually train with our senior sides rather than come to the junior training sessions. If you're unsure, please speak to one of the junior coaches about 'moving up'.

As well as training, our Junior teams take part in the Warwickshire Minis Tournaments, held usually once a month at various clubs around the region. They'll get to play 7-a-side matches on a half pitch against 5 or 6 other clubs in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and this is a great way to use the skills they learn at training, and improve their game play.

Our Badgers team has fixtures most Saturdays throughout the season, playing the regular 11-a-side game on a full pitch. Badgers teams can include 1 or 2 adults, so they will start to come up against senior players, and this is the main way juniors get the experience they need to make the switch to senior hockey. We will also sometimes move Badgers players into our senior sides once they're ready and comfortable, to give them the experience and confidence to step up their game.

For junior training, you will need trainers suitable for Astroturf, shin pads, and a gum shield. We have smaller sticks for those just starting who don't yet have their own, so please come down and speak to one of the coaches, or email juniors@warwickhockey.co.uk.