Junior Memberships

At Warwick Hockey Club, we cater for all age groups and abilities, from around 5 years of age until you are ready to make the step up to Senior Hockey. We are an inclusive club and will ensure that you are playing in the teams that best suit your ability. Find our more about our Juniors section here.

Membership is based on the level of hockey you are playing. Therefore if you are under 18 but playing senior hockey, please refer to this page for membership details.

Juniors (U10, U12, U14, U18) have tournaments usually once a month, with a couple of extra opportunities for U12s and U14s.

Badgers (U16) is the step between junior and senior hockey, and have fixtures most Saturdays throughout the season. Note there is no minimum age for Badgers—we regularly have 11-year-olds playing Badgers, so your membership will depend on on what level of hockey you are playing, not necessarily your age.

Junior and Badger Annual Memberships:

Juniors (U10, U12, U14)£70
Badgers (U16)£120

Once you're signed up and have been to training, the junior managers will discuss the best team to join, and assign a subscription accordingly. Please email juniors@warwickhockey.co.uk for details on how to sign up.