Return to playing safely

Living with COVID-19 and playing hockey

Warwick Hockey Club continuing return to hockey plan

Further to recent announcements, we are now in the Government’s 'Living with Covid-19' phase of their response to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest changes mean an end to almost all legal restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic and now place greater responsibility on individuals for decision-making.

We recognise that different participants in the sport will have different attitudes and perceptions of the risks over the coming weeks and months. As we have recommended throughout the pandemic, we recommend that all in the Hockey Family consider others in the decisions they make and respect personal decisions on whether to take part or not. Please feel able to discuss with your captain if you have any concerns about your participation.

WHC guidance:

We would prefer that if you are feeling unwell/are testing positive, that you please stay away from Club activity and inform captains promptly.

If you test positive within 3 days of attending Club activity, please inform your captain as soon as possible.

This guidance is consistent with our general wellbeing guidance in that Captains need to be aware of relevant health matters that may impact availability / selection / might impact on other club members. Captains may consult the WHC on pitch working group on such matters.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe