Dynamo Summer League

Dynamo Summer League

Summer hockey played for the sheer enjoyment... but always looking for a win!

We are a mixture of players from across all our regular Saturday sides.

Captain: Claudio Cardellino

Mastermind for our 2016 Summer League winning season!

Last game of the season and we turned out 5 sets of Dads and Lads in a squad of 16. Great stuff! Nice win too,

Ian MacDonald, James Allison, Dan Honey-Smith, Phil Holding, Steve Lycett, Nick Herd, John MacDonald, Phil Foster, James langley

Freddie Herd, Chris Langley, Michael Howard, Claudio Cardellino, Tristan Euridge, George Holding, Luca Cardellino

Photo Gallery

2016-07-25_Dynamo Summer League

2016-06-06_Dynamo Summer League

2016-05-16 Dynamo Summer League

A selection of photos from our game on 16th May at home v Shakespearians (Stratford HC). We won 3 - 2!