Warwick sides of 1990's

Team photos from 1990 to 1999

Some of our teams of yesteryears

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Lillington Warwick Ladies from season 1993/4

First XI

Sue Rickett, Norma Nockalls, Jo Reed, Mandy Beaumont (Capt), Ann Weitzel, Marcel Grigson
Mandy Gasson, Sherry Gasson, Janet Patten, Jeny Tsang, Jackie Taylor, Liz Ellwood.

Second XI

From left to right:

Julie Hutchinson, Debra Coton, Mandy Marriot, Jan Kelway, Denise Stynes, Steve Stynes (umpire), Gill Thorpe, Jayne Holton, Liz Priest, Rachel Cole, Angela Jones, Rachel Bradley and Julie Waite (Capt).

Men's First XI 1993/94

S Chatterley, C Brown, S Brook, E Butcher, R Price, S Graham, N Barker, R Ellis
C Johnson, G Kellie, P Betambeau (Capt), C Langley, I McGivern

First XI Promoted to Ernst & Young Div 1, 1992

R Ellis, S Bostock, R Thurman, E Butcher, R Price, S Brook
P Betambeau, W Hayes, D Elstone (Capt), C Langley, I McGivern, B Briggs

Second XI 1991/92

D Pulman, S Graham, R Rawstorne, G Clarke, R Price, I Wicking, J Briscoe (Umpire)
M Branson, E Higgs, N Barket (Capt), D Wright, M Baker.

First XI - Ernst & Young Div 3 (West) Champions 1990/91

B Ellis, B Frazer, K Hobman, G Clarke, S Brooke, J Boswell, W Hayes
D Elstone (Capt), P Oulette, C Langley, I McGivern, B Briggs

From May 1990 (according to a note on the back of the photo)

Some names we know: Bill Hogg, Rod Scott, Claudio Cardellino and is that tall fellow 3rd from the right Steve Dellow?

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