Warwick hockey of the 2000's

Team photos from 2000 to 2010

Some of our teams of yesteryears

If you have any 'old photos' that we can share on our website, or spot any additions or corrections to be included, please send in to news@warwickhockey.co.uk.

Men's 3s 2001/2

Standing: Oliver Sampson, Mike Edwards, 'Stumpy', Phil Gooderham, Steve Lycett, Chris Sampson, Ian Bettison, ###
Kneeling: Martin Rodger, Richard Warwick, Karl Collicott

Men's 2s 2003/4 - promoted as champions from West Midlands 1

Standing: Nick Haynes (umpire), Bobby Kallah, Gavin Merredith, Phil Holding, Stewart Seymore, David Harris, Paul Harper
Ian McGivern, Car Marredith, James Allison, James Calender, Richard Sander, Martin Sykes, Claudio Cardellino
Kev McGreevy

Women's 1s 2003/4

Liz Holding, Carrie Dowding, Angela Briggs, Nicki Breeds, Mel Best, Zoe Hartley, Helen Turner, Rachel Cole (Coach)
###, Alex Filmore, Norma Deeley, Helen Simpson, Sharon Walmsley, Carol Hield

Men's 3s 2003/4

George MacDonald, Sam Sensecall, Rob Pomfret, Steve Lycett, Dave Metcalfe, Jon Kitt, Ben Sensecall, Nick Anscombe
Paul Clarke, Simon Wright, Richard Napier

Men's 3s 2003/4

Standing: Oliver Sampson, Dave Metcalfe, Steve Lycett, Jonnie Raynor, Mike Edwards, Sam Sensecall
Kneeling: Paul Clarke, Ken Brown Richard Warwick, Bob Ellis, Richard Napier

Men's 3s 2003/4

Standing: Ken Brown Ben Kruze, Jonathan Kitt, Steve Lycett, Richard Owen, Chris Sampson
Kneeling: Rob Pomfret, Richard Napier, Ian Price, Paul Clarke, Ben Senescall

Men's 5s 2003/4

Jamie Emmerson, Mike Edwards, Keith Overton, ###, Greg Sykes, Ian MacDonald, ###, Russell East, Bengi Schmidt, Roger Garrett
Sam Hext, ###

Warwick Veterans 2003/4

Standing: Andy Pittaway, Jonnie Rayner, Dave Astley, Steve Lycett, Bobby Kallah, David Harris
Kneeling: Sid Solanki, Mike Edwards, Mick Branson, Stewart Seymour, Claudio Cardellino

Warwick Veterans 2004/5

C Hunt, Steve Lycett, Jonnie Rayner, Ian Price, Phil Holding, Dave Astley, Mick Branson
David Harris, Tom Maynard, E Edwards, Claudio Cardellino (Capt), Ian McGivern

Men's 5th team 2004/5

Jamie Emmerson, Keith Overton, ##, ##, Mike Smith, ##
Henry Seal, Tim Austin, ##, Ian MacDonald, Julian
If you know any missing names please email news@warwickhockey.co.uk

Men's 4th team - Central League, South West Div 2 Champions 2004/5

Tom Wright, Nick Warwick, Chris Sampson, Russell East, Tom Clemons
Tom Warwick, Harry Simmons, Graham Aird, Martin Rodger, Roger Garratt, Sid Solanki
(Absent: Rob Rigby, Ben Sencecall, Julian Chronicle, Ken Brown, Sam Hext)

Veterans April 2005 in Cambridge

Standing: C Hunt, Ian Price, Steve Lycett, David Harris, Tom Maynard, David Astley, Chris Dupper-Miller (umpire)
Kneeling: Ian McGivern, Jamie Emerson, Claudio Cardellino, Mike Edwards, Mick Branson, E Edwards

Men's 5s of 2005/6

Tom Corke, Steve Chidlow, Jamie Emerson, Mike Edwards, Stu Anderson, Bengi Schmidt, Mike Smith
Ian MacDonald, Sam Hext, Steve Lycett, Ed Wilson, Claudio Cardellino

Men's 3s of 2006/7

Jonathan Kitt, Mark Mayall, ###, Oliver Sampson, George Toms
Joe Melly, George Sleath, Julian, Steve Lycett, Richard Napier

Men's 3s of 2006/7

Jonathan Kitt, Mark Mayall, Richard Thwaites (umpire), Mike Heelis, Oliver Sampson, George Toms
Joe Melly, George Sleath, Julian, Richard Napier, Steve Lycett, Martin Rodger

Men's 5s 2008-9

###, Steve Chidlow, John MacDonald, Jamie Emmerson, George Blake, Oliver Murray-Bates
Mike Smith, Eddie Edwards, Ian MacDonald, Andy Griffin, Dave Metclafe

Men's 3s of 2008/9

Standing: Sam Sensecal, Dave Bryce, Steve Dellow, Steve Lycett, Andrew 'Stroppy' Westrope, Ian Price, Johnny Morris, Paul Williams
Kneeling: Jon Bryd, John MacDonald, Claudio Cardellino, Nick Herd, Duncan Gordon, Ian McGivern

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