Warwick Men's up to 1989

Early Men's team photos

Some of our teams of yesteryears

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First XI 1985/86

Graham Wagland, Ian Tharme, Ian McGivern, Geoff Clarke, Andy Burlace, Tony Rich
Des Betts, Jeremy Graham, Bill Hogg (Capt), Adrian Weeks, Kevin Hobman

First XI 1985

Andy Burlace, Roger Bennett, Des Betts, John Keyes, Rod Scott, Jim Boswell, Geoff Clarke
Jeremy Graham, Ian Tharme, Bill Hogg, Adrian Weeks, Ian McGivern

First XI 1984

Jeremy Graham, Rick Gethin, Roger Bennett, Geoff Clarke, David Owen, Des Betts, John Keyes
Ian McGivern, Jim Boswell, Rod Scott, Andy Burlace, Adrian Weeks

1984 (perhaps)

First XI 1983

Andy Burlace, David Owen, Richard Dillon, Geoff Clarke, Jim Boswell, Graham Wagland, M Lewis
Roger Bennett, Ian McGivern, Rod Scott (Capt), W Hogg, Adrian Weeks

First X1 1982

Sakib Supple, Richard Dillon, Graham Wagland, Geoff Clarke, Jim Boswell, Andy Burlace, Stuart Everitt
Martin Lewis, Ian McGivern, Rod Scott (Capt), Adrain Weeks, Rick Gethin

Second XI 1980

Mike McGee, Duncan Griffiths, Ed Strover, Simon Lewis, Ian McGivern, Roy Wells
Garcha, Mike Smith, Patrick Riley, Mike Houston, Guy Vigar

Second XI 1979

Garcha, Arfon Jones, Ian McGivern, Kevin Williams, Phil Parbury, Patrick Riley
Sakib Supple, Jon Foster, Mike Smith, Kevin Southam, Mike Houston

First XI 1974

Patrick Riley, Nick Irvine, Neil Thomas, Roger Thurman, Phil Linnett, David Owen
Mike Houston, Graham Wagland, Jonathan Riley (Capt), Andy Bostock, Pete White

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