Quiz and Curry

Posted by chris_langley at 12:00 PM on Jan 31, 2016


From Andy Griffin: “There was a fantastic Club turn out of members – 67 in total for the WHC Quiz Night on Saturday 30th January. The Badgers fielded three teams - kids, dads and mums - Team Badger, The Gentleman Badgers and Lady Badgers respectively. Both banter and alcohol flowed freely as a fierce (but friendly) rivalry developed between the Lady Badgers and The Gentlemen Badgers; whilst Team Badger was busy recruiting Siri to their team. So engrossed were we in our own private battles that it came as quite a surprise to find that The Gentlemen Badgers were leading the pack at the half-way point (despite a slightly dodgy history round and a heated debate with the Lady Badgers about Queens called Mary!).

Against all odds… The Gentlemen Badgers held on to their lead to win by the smallest of margins and, true to their name, promptly gave their prize (5 bottles of wine) to the Lady Badgers!”

Another fantastic social organised by Harriet and Tim.